A pipeline innovated by the global human crisis.

The global human crisis of addiction doesn’t stop at opioid dependency. It expands into other substances and even related mental health conditions. This is why we continue to innovate and evolve.

This is why our pipeline grows with urgency and care. It is designed to meet the growing needs of addictive diseases around the world and to provide treatment to those who need it most.

Our Focus

We at Indivior are committed to advancing our robust therapeutic pipeline to address the growing health epidemic of addiction and related mental health disorders. These efforts include the development of new products and formulations designed to minimize diversion and misuse, increase treatment compliance and adherence, support public health, improve patient outcomes, and expand access to treatment for areas of addiction where no pharmacotherapy is currently available.

We are pursuing five generations of innovation in opioid addiction, including a monthly buprenorphine depot injection and the first swallow-able capsule form of buprenorphine with abuse deterrent potential. In addition to expanding the range of treatment options for opioid addiction, our research and development efforts are focused on opening access to rescue medications, addressing unmet medical needs in the treatment of alcohol use disorders, and treating psychiatric co-morbidities of addiction.