Independent Medical Education Grants

For use in US/Canada only. All others contact your local regional office for information.

The Company may provide grants to support educational programs sponsored by independent third-parties designed to advance the understanding of medical, scientific, professional, or policy-making issues on topics related to the Company’s legitimate business interests provided that:

  • The program is primarily dedicated in both time and effort to providing objective, unbiased, balanced, and scientifically sound discourse on one or more health, medical, scientific, or related topics. The Company should not be the sole sponsor or exhibitor at a particular Program;
  • Any time dedicated to any entertainment or recreational activity organized by the sponsor will be clearly subordinate to the time spent on the educational program; and
  • The educational program takes place at a venue that is conducive to an educational exchange among the attendees.

For Third-Party Educational Conferences and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs, the Company may provide an Educational Grant to support an educational, scientific, or policy-making conference or meeting sponsored by a national, regional, or specialty medical association or by an accredited provider of independent or continuing medical education, provided that the uses of the grant funds are limited to:

  • Reducing overall conference expenses for all conference attendees;
  • Sponsoring meals or receptions for all attendees;
  • Compensating the sponsor for the reasonable honoraria, travel, meals, and lodging for faculty selected and retained at the sole discretion of the educational program sponsor; or
  • Scholarships intended to reduce the reasonable costs and expenses for medical students, residents, fellows, and other health care professionals in training to attend major educational, scientific, or policy-making meetings of national, regional, or specialty medical associations provided that the selection of the scholarship recipients is at the sole discretion of the training institution or educational program sponsor.

If the program is accredited CME, it must conform to current policies of the ACCME or other relevant accrediting organization for educational programs for healthcare professionals.

The Company may also provide Educational Grants to support the education of patients or the public about important health topics.

Each request for an Educational Grant must submit an Educational Grant Application and must include:

  • the name and address of the educational program sponsor seeking the funds, including contact information and a tax exempt letter or W9;
  • a description of the proposed educational program including the subject matter, timing, location, proposed audience, and expected number of attendees; and
  • a detailed budget showing how the educational grant funds, if approved, would be spent.


The North America Educational Grant Review Committee shall evaluate Educational Grant requests on objective criteria, which shall include consideration of the following:

  • the purpose to be served by the grant;
  • the quality of the educational program and the qualifications of the recipient to carry out the program (including whether the requestor has access to facilities and resources adequate to conduct the proposed educational program and whether the requestor has conducted quality educational programs in the past);
  • whether the educational program is consistent with the Company’s mission and disease areas of interest to the Company;
  • the mix of other educational programs currently receiving funding from the Company; and
  • any other criteria deemed appropriate by the North America Educational Grant Review Committee.
  • All CME programs supported by Indivior must meet ACCME or similar standards (even if the program is not actually accredited).


Within 30 days of the completion of the educational program, the Educational Grant recipient must provide a written reconciliation of the utilization of the Educational Grant funds. Any funds not used must be returned to the Company within 30 days of the educational program.

A number of states impose restrictions on Company activities and its interactions with customers. In addition, the federal government and some states require tracking and disclosures of economic benefits associated with those activities and interactions. The Company will comply with any such federal or state requirements.

Educational Grant requests shall be evaluated by the North America Educational Grant Review Committee which shall meet on the last Thursday of each month, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Educational Grant requests should be submitted to